The Board of Directors of The Craig Concert Association extends a hearty “Thank You!” to the businesses and individuals listed on our program who purchased memberships at larger amounts making booking top artists a reality.

President Christine Trujillo

Vice President Randy Kline

Secretary Jackie Crawford & Teri Mansfield

Treasurers Jim Simpson and Wayne Walgren

Patron Chair Liane Davis-Kling

Hospitality/Artist Contact Teri Mansfield

Board of Directors

Robert Aaberg, Arloa Gerber, Sue Aaberg, Liane Davis-Kling, Teri Mansfield, Carla Seales, Jeannie Thornberry, Wayne Walgren, Sari Cobb, Randy Kline, Ken Meyer, Diana Meyer, Celeste Sanchez, Carter Chadwick, Joey Chadwick, Christine Trujillo, Dollie Frentress, Norvell Hall, Lois Stoffle, Hal Stover, Dixie Hatfield, Jan Pluym.

Website/Media: Jennifer Riley and Cindy Chotvacs

Volunteers Sue Aaberg, Jan Pluym, Carter Chadwick, Dixie Hatfield

Contact us:

Christine Trujillo – 970.824.2080